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And full of   s   t   o   r   i   e   s     r   i   p   e     f   o   r     t   h   e     t   e   l   l   i   n   g .
The premise of the blog is simple: see something that sparks the interest, tell the story here.

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1st of July 2011

Craigslist Missed Connections Poetry: Biking Edition

McCarren park lady

I was reading and eating a mango
on a bright orange blanket while you
were chasing your soccer ball around.

You seemed alone and had beautiful tattoos,
like a feather and a vibrant bird
and an owl and another bird on your back.

I couldn’t make out if it was a falcon,

or something else!

I don’t really do fate or whatever,
(I was reading “Freakenomics” after all)
but I’m still thinking about you!

You rode away on your bike
before your ball rolled to my blanket,


Do you date girls?
Are you single?
You are so freaking sexy!

Ample Hills Creamery

You were eating ice cream with your friend.
I tried to fix your bike light, or was I
maybe trying to steal it?
You seemed like a delightful guy,

so let’s get ice cream
together next time
you are in the

Cute girl on bike with pink shirt

I rode behind you
on 2nd ave to
the bridge.

You had on a helmet with
your dark ponytail sticking

a pink shirt and black leggings.
We exchanged
glances around

Delancey St.

You choose to bike on
the pedestrian path on
the bridge,

only to come back to
the bike side at the middle of
the bridge

and cut me off.

Then we weaved around
people as we sped down
the bridge

towards Brooklyn, you going
faster and faster,
as if challenging me to
keep up with you.
We split paths
after that,
you towards Broadway,
and I towards Bedford.
That was the most fun
I’ve had on my bike in
a while.

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